Comparison of the different types of deer fence

There are many different types of deer fencing available to purchase. You can see the details in the below and find the relatively perfect one for your properties.

Electric fence.
Electric fence is a type of fence which can generate current when the deer touch it. Maybe it is effective but it is a not humane way to deter the deer away. Because the electric fence may hurt the deer.

Wire fence.
Wire fence is made of the steel wire, so it has high tensile strength, it is an effective way to deter the deer from your house. But the steel wire is easy to rust and corrosion. When the deer touch the rusty wire, they may hurt them and cause the wound inflamed. You can choose the hot dipped galvanized wire or stainless steel wire for the raw material of the fence, but the price of them will be very expensive. Besides, the wire fence will very heavy, so it is not easy to install and remove.

Wooden fence.
Wooden fence is a relatively humane way to deter deer away. But the wood has a disadvantages of rot. The wooden fence is easy to rot with the times passes away. It cannot be used in the harsh environments, it is not the environmental friendly type of deer fence.

As we all know, the deer are not the noxious animal, we just want to deter the deer from our properties without hurting them. But the above types of fence cannot match the requirements. With the concept of humane and environmental friendly in mind, we designed a virtually invisible plastic deer fencing.

The plastic deer fence is the relatively perfect type of the deer fence, which has so many characteristics.

  • The plastic deer fencing is made of polypropylene mesh, which is UV stabilized. So the plastic deer fence can be used in the intense sunlight in hot weather.
  • The plastic deer fence is lightweight, so it is very easy to install and remove.
  • The plastic deer fence is a high tensile strength mesh material that has the durability and strength to keep the deer securely out of your property.
  • The color of the plastic deer fence is black, which is difficult to see from a distance, even when as close as 15 to 20 feet away. Thus, installing the plastic deer fence will not take away from the beauty and architecture of your home and landscape.
  • The various size height of the deer fence for choice, which can satisfy your different requirements. The height can be 7.5’, which can ensure deer will not be able to jump over the deer fencing.
  • The plastic is very cost effective and it is much cheaper than the wire fence.
  • The plastic deer fence needs few maintenance.

Warm prompt: when you installed the deer fence, you should stake the bottom of the deer fence down. Studies have also shown that deer would prefer to crawl under a fence over jumping over one. So, stake the bottom of the deer fence down can prevent deer from crawling under.

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