Erosion Control Mats – Multiple Types for Erosion Control

When the soil is exposed in construction site, river bank, earth mountain and other places, it is easy to be eroded by wind, rain or flow. What's worse, unprotected ground results in progressive instability and large amounts of slit-laden run-off.

We can supply you a solution to solve these problems: place the erosion control mats.

Erosion control mat, also called soil retention blanket, is made of plastic materials, which is UV resistance and good stability performance. It can supply immediate and durable protection for the ground and soils. Additional, it is economical and environmental friendly to be used in any geological conditions.

Shade cloth – plant sun shade and erosion control mats

  • Made from HDPE or PP materials.
  • Available for round strands and flat strands.
  • Shade rate: 30% – 80%.
  • Weight: 75 g/m2 – 280 g/m2.
  • Excellent UV resistance.
  • Various weight and patterns for choice.
  • Lightweight for economical and easy to install and replace.
  • Reduce the water evaporation.
  • Protect crops and plants from burning sun.
  • Cover the exposed soil and prevent soil from being blown by wind.
A piece of green shade cloth with round strands on the white background.
ECM-01: Round strand shade cloth.
A piece of green shade cloth with flat strands on the table.
ECM-02: Flat strand shade cloth.
Black shade cloths are installed above the green house.
ECM-03: Shade cloth can be used as shelter canopy to reduce water evaporation.
Green shade cloth is covering an soil mountain.
ECM-04: Shade cloth covering exposed soil for erosion control and reducing dust pollution.

Geogrid – road base reinforcement material and erosion control mats

  • Made from HDPE or PP material.
  • uniaxial and biaxial types for choice.
  • TGSG15/TGSG/20/TGSG/30TGSG/40/TGSG45.
  • High strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions.
  • UV resistance for durable life.
  • Chemical and weather resistance to be used in harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Keep soil in place and reduce erosion.
  • Withstand flood and storm damage.
  • Used as reinforcement material in road base constructions.
  • Used as erosion control mats on slope and exposed soil mountain.
Two pieces of uniaxial geogrids with different widths on the white background.
ECM-05: Uniaxial geogrid.
A piece of biaxial geogrid with square meshes on the white background.
ECM-06: Biaxial geogrid.
A piece of biaxial geogrid on the base and several gravels on it.
ECM-07: Geogrid for road base reinforcement.
Several pieces of geogrids are covering the soil slope.
ECM-08: Geogrid can protect slope from soil erosion by rain.

Geocell – three-dimensional structure for base reinforcement and erosion control

  • Made from high density polyethylene material.
  • Perforated and non-perforated types for choice.
  • Welding distance: 330 mm.
  • Cell height: 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm.
  • Small volume and lightweight for easy transport and installation.
  • Chemical stability to be used in different geological conditions.
  • Improve loading capacity of road base.
  • Reduce water and soil erosion on slope and soil mountain.
A blak color Geocell with smooth strip on the soil ground.
ECM-09: Non-perforated geocell.
A black color geocell with perforated strip on the ground.
ECM-10: Perforated geocell.
Geocells are places on the base and several gravels in the geocell.
ECM-11: Geocell for road base reinforcement.
Geocells are placed on the soil slope.
ECM-12: Geocell to protect soil slope from water and soil loss.

3D geomats – PP monofilaments for erosion control on slope and embankments

  • Made from polypropylene monofilaments.
  • 3D entangled geomat with over 90% void space to lock soil.
  • Used with geotextile, geogrids, steel hexagonal wire mesh.
  • Lock soil in place and prevent water and soil loss.
  • Used in embankment, slope and soil mountain.
A piece of black 3D geomat on the white background.
ECM-13: 3D geomat.
A piece of 3D geogrid with two pieces of geotextile on the top and bottom.
ECM-14: 3D geomat with geotextile.
A piece of 3D geomat is attached onto the 3D geomat.
ECM-15: 3D geomat with geogrid.
A roll of 3D geomats are attached with galvanized hexagonal wire mesh.
ECM-16: 3D geomats with galvanized hexagonal wire mesh.
Several pieces of 3D geomats with geotextiles are placed under the bridge.
ECM-17: 3D geomats for riverbank protection.
Several pieces of 3D geomats with galvanized hexagonal wire mesh are placed on the slope.
ECM-18: 3D geomats protect slope from water and soil loss.


  • Immediate protection to the soil and ground.
  • UV resistance.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Suitable for any geological conditions.
  • Protect seeds from birds.


  • Erosion protection.
    • The erosion control mats can keep the soils in place, ensure ground stable and protect soil from being erosion by rains and flows. It is widely used in the river bank, embankment, unstable and slopes and exposed soil mountains.
  • Reduce dust pollution.
    • The erosion control mats can protect soils in the construction sites and top soil mountains from being blown and cause dust pollution.
  • Ground reinforcement.
    • In the newly constructed roads, the erosion control mats can be used as geogrid for high loading capacity and solid of the road.
  • Tree root protection.
    • It can protect the tree rot from being destroyed when a pavement or road is to be constructed.
  • Grass/turf reinforcement.
    • The erosion control mats can be used in the pavement, road and parking lot to protect grass from excessive wear and rutting occurring.
  • Moisture keeping.
    • The erosion controlling mats can be used as windbreaks and canopy in farm and plantation for reducing water consumption.


  • River banks and wetlands.
  • Reclamation of mine workings.
  • Lake/reservoir shores.
  • Topsoil stockpiles.
  • Unstable and slopes.
  • Landfill caps.
  • Highway embankments.
  • Newly laid top soil.

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