• Bird netting with knotted, knitted and extruded types is widely used in the gardens, vineyards to prevent birds from eating the mature fruits.

  • Garden netting with knitted and extruded types is widely used in the gardens as the barrier fence, bird netting, plant support netting.

  • Deer fence with round strand and flat strand types is a humane and environmental friendly way to keep deer and other pests out of your yard.

  • Hail netting with cross stitched, sawtooth and leno-weaving types is widely used in the gardens, buildings, and parking lots to minimize the hail damage

  • Plant support netting with UV stabilized material can be used vertically and horizontally to support growing crops, vegetables and long stemmed flowers.

  • Plastic insect screen with plain weave and interweave types is widely used in the gardens to prevent the pests from damaging the vegetables and fruits.

  • Poultry netting with HDPE and PP materials can be used as the poultry bed netting and poultry barrier fence to breed and protect poultry.

  • Shade cloth with woven and knitted types can be used in the commercial, agriculture and building sites to reduce the damage caused by the burning sun.

  • Tree guards with various types and colors are widely used for protection for the young trees and bark from rabbits, deer and other animals.

  • Windbreak mesh with extruded and knitted type and windbreak cladding mesh supplies the protection for the crops, gardens, glass houses and nurseries.

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