Cross Stitched, Sawtooth and Leno-weaving Hail Netting

Leno-weaving hail netting with white color.

Hail is one of the most damaging adverse weather conditions for a fruit grower. It can destroy entail harvests. Hail netting is the most efficient protection system of the plants, which can ensure a continuity of production over time. The hail netting is made of polyethylene monofilament, which is UV stabilized and durable. The hail netting can prevent the hail from damaging the plants and ensure the harvests. Hail netting can be divided into three types: Cross stitched hail netting, leno-weaving hail netting and sawtooth hail netting.

Hail Netting Specification

  • Material: PP or HDPE.
  • Wire diameter: 0.4 mm.
  • Hole size: 8 mm, 10 mm.
  • Width: 1–8 m
  • Weight: 40-180 gsm.
  • Color: transparent, black, white, gray.
Table-1: Specification of Hail Netting
Item No. Weight (gsm)
2-needles 3-needles 6-needles
BD-HN-01 50 75 130
BD-HN-02 55 78 150
BD-HN-03 60 80 170
BD-HN-04 65 90 180

Cross Stitched Hail Netting

A piece of black cross stitched hail netting.
Cross stitched hail netting

Cross stitched hail netting has a main mesh plus strands of monofilament that stretch across the aperture of the main mesh and reduce the hole size. The strands of monofilament are known as cross-stitches. The cross stitched hail netting catches the hail and stretches. The holding cables or posts are positioned over the tree rows and the nets will sag into the inter-row space when the hails attack the nets. This design can minimize the damage to the trees.


  • The hole size of a large mesh net can be reduced without adding too much weight.
  • It can ensure the good light transmission through the net.
  • High strength. The two layer mesh netting can increase the tensile strength of the hail netting.
  • UV stabilized. The material is UV resistance, so it is long life and durable.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.

The cross stitched nets can be used in areas where hail storms are less regular and the flat canopies are required.

Leno-weaving Hail Netting

A piece of black leno-weaving hail netting.
Leno-weaving hail netting

Leno-weaving hail netting is made of high density polyethylene monofilament, which is UV stabilized and anti-oxidant additives. The weft wire is single and the warp wire is double and twisted into the weft wire. The leno-weaving hail netting is particularly suitable for laying on long rows.


  • UV stabilized.
  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Leno weave gives the extra strength to the net.
  • Recycled. Polyethylene plastic is recycled, it is environmental friendly.

The leno-weaving structure can prevent hails from damaging the fruits and vegetables.
It can be laid directly over the plants as the bird netting to protect the fruits and vegetables from being eaten by the birds.

The peach trees are protected with black cross stitched hail netting.
Hail netting for peach garden
The crabapple trees are protected with white cross stitched hail netting.
Leno-weaving hail netting for crabapple trees
Green vegetables are protected with black cross stitched hail netting.
Cross stitched hail netting for vegetables
Hail netting catches the snow and protects the fruit trees from being damage.
Hail netting has higher tensile strength

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