• Flexible windbreak netting is flexible and anti-age to be used in stadium, field and industrial sites for wind and dust breaking and environmental protection.

  • Erosion control mats, made from PP or PE material is features economical, excellent chemical and UV resistance in preventing water and soil loss.

  • Debris netting, made of polyethylene or PVC coated polyester, is used in construction sites and buildings to prevent debris and equipment falling down.

  • Grass protection mesh with hexagonal and anti-slip types is widely used in the grassland and parking lots to protect the grass from damage.

  • Multi-axial plastic geogrid, made of polypropylene, is more stable than the uniaxial and biaxial geogrid in the highway, railway and slope constructions.

  • Personnel safety nets with knotted and knotless types are widely used in the construction sites, bridge and ponds to protect workers and the public.

  • Plastic geogrid, made of high density polyethylene and polypropylene, is widely used in the road and slope constructions for ground stabilization.

  • Turf reinforcement is an UV stabilized and durable HDPE protection mesh to protect the grassy areas in the construction sites and golf courses.

  • Warning barrier fence with rectangular, oval and diamond types can be used as crowd control barrier and snow fence in the construction sites and highway.

  • Plastic filter netting, made of polypropylene or polyethylene, is widely used in industries for supporting, protection and separation applications.

  • Extruded cylinder tube is made of rigid plastic material, which is the structural support layer of the anode cell and electrophoretic ultra filters.

  • We provide extruded netting with diamond or square hole shapes for spiral-wound membrane (SWM) modules. They are used in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.

  • Skip nets fabricated from HDPE or PP fine wire is designed to used for building or construction debris transport, keep debris where it should be.

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