Rigid Mesh Tubes – Plastic Extruded Mesh Cylinder Tube Cores

Our extruded cylinder tubes provide exceptional structural support as a center core in filter cartridges for pleated, wound, or depth filter elements. It’s because of the strength and rigidity. It’s also used as outer containment sleeves to protect filter media from damage during handling and cleaning. The extruded cylindrical are made through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic material with integral joints. They are much stronger than the seamed netting tubes.We can customize weight, tensile strength, mesh size, colors, resins and more to match our customers' product development requirements.From air and liquid filtration to support, containment and protection applications of a diverse range of materials and components, our extruded cylinder tubes perform essential functionalities every time.

There is one white plastic filter tube.
The rigid extruded filter tube is used as structural support of the anode cells.
There are several different plastic mesh tubes.
The plastic mesh cores are used in the Ced Ultra Filters.
There is one piece of anode pipe for filter.
The plastic rigid mesh supports the whole anode pipe.

Specification of extruded plastic cylinder tubes:

  • Material: PP, HDPE.
  • Hole shape: square, diamond.
  • Color: white, black.
  • Diameter: 30–140 mm.
  • Thickness: 2–6 mm.
  • Open area: 30%–75%.
  • Procedure: one single-step continuous extrusion.


  • Rust-proof, non-corrosive.
  • Temperature-resistant.
  • Resistant acid and alkali.
  • Consistent integral joints.


  • Electrophoretic Ultra Filters.
  • Circular Anode Membrane Cells.
  • Ced Ultra Filters.
  • Anode cells.
  • Anolyte Circulation System.
  • Power plant.
  • Steel plant.
  • Petrochemical plant.
  • A pioneering presence across all industries.
There are many sets of ion exchange tubes.
For ion exchange system in electrocoating plant.
There are many ion exchange membranes in the warehouse.
For ion exchange membrane in desalination system.
There are five tubular anode cells for ecoat paint system
Used as the center core supports for anode cells
E-coating (ED) paint plant with tubular anode cells.
Tubular anode cells in E-coating (ED) paint system
There are two rows of tubular anode cells in the E-coating paint plant.
For water treatment in E-coating (ED) paint plant
The plastic rigid mesh tube is used as the support of the anode cells.
Plastic rigid mesh tube for ion exchange membrane

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