Plastic Filter Netting with Various Types

The plastic filter netting is widely used in the filter media, filter cartridge and other filter products for the support, separator and filtration function. The plastic filter netting is mainly made of the polyethylene or polypropylene, which is UV stabilized and chemical, biological resistance. Also the material is high or low temperature resistance, so the plastic filter netting has wide range of applications. There are various types of filter netting types, you can see the introduction in the below to know more about it and choose the perfect type you need.

Filter netting tube

Filter netting tube has high tensile strength and rigidity, so it is commonly used to protect delicate filtration media. They are made through a continuous extrusion process. The mesh type of the extruded cylinder is commonly square. Because the filter netting tube is extruded in one single-step, so the filter netting tube is stable. The filter netting tube used in outer shields as a core protection in wound or plated elements. The extruded cylinder tube has various mesh shapes, diameters, open areas and length. The mesh size, shape, width, length and diameter can be customized, so tell us your requirements.

We supply the extruded plastic filter netting of different specification.
There are seven plastic filter netting with different sizes.
A piece of filter netting tube on the blue background.
Filter netting tube has various mesh type, size, width and length.


  • Corrosive resistance.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Temperature resistance.
  • Consistent integral joints.
  • One single-step structure for durability and rigidity.

Diamond or bi-planar netting

Bi-planar netting commonly refers to the diamond netting. It is mainly used in cross-flowing applications for drainage and spacing. It provides consistent flow characteristic while allowing proper turbulence to clean membrane media surfaces.

The diamond netting can also be used in tightly-spaced pleat packs for superior pleat separation.


  • Diamond mesh type.
  • UV stabilized and chemical resistance.
  • Allow proper turbulence to clean surface.
  • Protective function.

Square or mono-planar netting

Mono planar netting is also called square netting. It is commonly used to add integrity to media.

The mono planer netting has outstanding performance in separation and protection, it can be used as the pre-filter mesh or as the filter support netting.


  • Square opening.
  • Add integrity to filter media.
  • Separation, supporting and protection.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Chemical and biological resistance.

Plastic netting sleeves

A piece of orange plastic netting sleeve is covering a filter cartridge.
Plastic netting sleeve can protect the delicate filtration media and cartridge.

Plastic netting sleeves help to protect delicate filtration media, filtration cartridge. Plastic sleeve netting is temperature and chemical resistance, it can adapt some high or low temperature and chemical environments. The plastic sleeve netting is various in mesh shapes, diameters, length, weight and colors.


  • Protect the delicate media.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Various types and specifications for choice.
  • Thick, supple moderately elastic net for protecting parts against heavy abrasion.

Plastic oriented netting

The oriented filter netting, produced by heating and stretching extruded square or rectangular mesh netting, is an essential component in pleat and media support applications. It has higher strength-to-weight ratio than the extruded filter netting, which provides consistent strength and large open areas. It is ideal for fluid flow media.


  • High strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Consistent strength.
  • Large open areas.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Chemical and biological resistance.
  • Temperature resistance.

Reverse osmosis spacers

The reverse osmosis spacer netting is the spacer of several layers that configure reverse osmosis filters. It can provide necessary separation between the membranes to achieve superior filter performance.


  • UV stabilized.
  • Chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Separation function.
  • Improve filter performance.
A worker is operating the machine to produce the reverse osmosis filter.
Reverse osmosis spacer is installed in the space of the membranes to achieve superior filter performance.
A plastic oriented netting filter is installed on the engine.
Plastic oriented netting is ideal for fluid flow media.

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