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Thanks for your interest and browsing our website, now, you can know more about our company through four "what".

What is Boegger?

Boegger Industrial Limited is a company which focuses on manufacturing and exporting the plastic screen mesh and related products in China mainland. It has about 30 years' history. In the not long history, Boegger has made great progress in the technical and volumes. Made- in- China is our representative. It represents our quality and service. High quality products and enthusiastic service are our mission and principle. They can carry us farther than now.

Boegger is rich. It has advanced equipment for the hardware. The hardware can assure the high quality of the products. It also has the professional employees for software. The software can keep the Boegger in an enthusiasm, active state.

What is the customer?

As the saying goes, "customer is our god". Customers can decide if you are successful or not. Customers are our motivation. We serve them and satisfy them. Also the customer is our motivation. They drives us to improve. We must be more specialized in our products and research more products to meet customers’ need. Only in this way can we make a long term cooperation with customer and get an endless stream of customers.

What is price?

Price is a key link between us and customers. Almost all of the customers want to find the cheapest but best products. We call it perfect products. But there is not perfect thing in the world. Our price is reasonable. We will not sell customer the cheapest product without considering the application and requirements. On the contrary, we will recommend the most effective and appropriate products in a reasonable price.

What is staff?

Staff are the core elements of our company. Without them, the Boegger will not make so great process in so many similar enterprises. Our staff are working in workshop, service department, sales department, technical department and testing department.

  • Staff in workshop are skilled. They can reduce the production loss and improve the working efficiency. They can ensure the high quality products and fast delivery.
  • Sales representatives means professional. They know all of our products and every link of production, they also know the market requirements. So they can give the most professional suggestions for our customers.
  • Customer service can give the fastest response to the customers; they have fluent speaking English, and they can communicate with you without any language barrier.
  • Technical staff are specialized. If you have any question in your using, you can dial to them and get the specialized suggestions and response. Believe you will satisfy them.
  • Testing staff are strict. They are the last process in the production. The principle of them are serious and responsible. Only the qualified products can be delivered to the customers.

If you want to know more about our company or products, please feel free to contact us via, we are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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