Clam Netting for Effective Controlling Predators

The clam netting is made of polypropylene plastic, which is chemical resistance. It is made through the extrusion production to form a series of extruded plastic mesh. The clam is used to protect the valuable clam beds from predators. It can fit various types of clams, such as hard clams, round clams, chowder clams.

The clam netting can be applied over seeded beds in sub-tidal or inter-tidal zones for protection from natural predators like blue, mud and horseshoe crabs, conch, birds and others.

A piece of black clam netting and three clams in the netting.
Black clam netting.
A piece of natural clam netting on the black background.
Natural clam netting.


  • Material: polypropylene (PP).
  • Mesh size: 1/6” × 1/6”, 1/4” × 1/4”, 1/2” × 1/2”, 5/8” × 3/4”, and 1” × 3/4”.
  • Width: 12”, 14” and 17”.
  • Length: 1900’, 200’, 2500’, 3000’, 5000’.
  • Color: black or natural.
Item Grade Mesh Size Width Length Weight
RCN-01 Standard 1/6” 14’ 3000’ 213 g/m2
RCN-02 Standard 1/4” 14’ 3000’ 159 g/m2
RCN--03 Extra duty 1/4” 14 2500’ 298 g/m2
RCN-04 Freeze free 1/4” 14’ 1900’ 86 g/m2
RCN-05 Standard 1/2” 14’ 3000’ 198 g/m2
RCN-06 Economy 5/8” × 3/4” 14’ 5000’ 68 g/m2
RCN-07 Economy 5/8” × 3/4” 17’ 5000’ 95 g/m2
RCN-08 Extra duty 1” × 3/4” 12’ 2000’ 231 g/m2


  • Easy to stake in place and easy to roll up for clam harvesting.
  • High quality grids with consistent hole sizes.
  • UV stabilized for long life.
  • Corrosion resistance. It can be used in the salt environments.
  • Clam netting is also available for growers in northern climates.


  • The clam netting is widely used in the clam bed to prevent the clam bed from predators. It can protect the hard clam, round clam and other types of clams.
  • The freeze free type of clam netting can be used in the northern areas.
The black clam netting is covering the clam bed and several different types of clams in the netting.
The clam netting is available for hard clam, round clam and other types of clams.
Several rows of clam netting is covering the clam beds.
The clam netting can protect the clam beds from predators.

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