Plastic Screen Mesh with Various Types and Applications

Boegger Industech Limited has served the plastic screen mesh and its related products for more than 15 years. We have various types of plastic screen mesh, they all have their own features and characteristics. But too many kinds of products will confuse our customers. So this website is designed to let the customers get an easy and clear understanding about the plastic screen mesh and us.

The plastic screen mesh has a wide range of applications. You can see the below and find the general categories and then click to see the details.


The garden netting is covering the vegetables.

Plastic screen mesh supplies protection from the seeding to harvest. Such as the bird netting, garden netting and shade cloth.


The float oyster mesh is fastened to the cable.

Plastic screen mesh is widely used in the aquaculture breeding industries, such as the oyster mesh, spat mesh.

Construction & industry

The quaxial plastic geogrid is installed on the paved ground.

Plastic screen mesh used in the construction for protection to the workers, equipment and grass. It can be used as the filter mesh.

Mesh type

A piece of extruded plastic screen mesh on the floor.

Plastic scree mesh has various mesh type, the main types are extruded, knitted and knotted.

There are four star products we recommend for you, you can get a general understanding of them.

Bird netting, oyster mesh, debris netting and extruded plastic mesh.

Bird netting. It is the representative of plastic screen mesh in agriculture application. The bird netting is designed to prevent birds from entering the unwanted areas. It contains all of the plastic screen mesh types, such as the knotted, knitted and extruded. The bird netting is mainly used in the gardens to prevent birds from eating and damaging the fruits and vegetables in all of the growth season, especially for the harvest season.

Oyster mesh. It is the most widely used plastic screen mesh in aquaculture application. Oyster mesh is widely used in the oyster breeding industries. The oyster mesh can supply a safe growth environments for the oysters. It can protect the oyster from predators, fishes and birds. The oyster mesh has various types, such as the oyster mesh bags, float oyster mesh bags and spat netting. They can make the oyster breeding be easy and effective. As the same time, they can shorten the growth cycle and get more benefit from them.

Plastic geogrid. It is the representative product of the plastic screen mesh in construction application. Plastic geogrid is the widely used screen mesh in the road, highway and railway construction. It can reinforce the subgrade and improve the bearing capacity of the road. The plastic geogrid can be divided into uniaxial geogrid and biaxial geogrid. Also, the multi-axial geogrid plays the same roles in the construction. But it is more stable and durable than the plastic geogrid.

Plastic geogrid, warning barrier fence, debris netting and oyster mesh production.

Extruded plastic mesh. Extruded plastic mesh is the main type of plastic mesh type. It is produced through the extrusion to form a serious regular mesh shapes, such as the round, square, rectangular and hexagonal. The extruded plastic mesh is also the most widely used mesh type. You can see it in almost all of the plastic screen mesh applications.

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Hot Products
  • Flexible windbreak netting is flexible and anti-age to be used in stadium, field and industrial sites for wind and dust breaking and environmental protection.

  • Extruded plastic mesh, made of PP or HDPE, is widely used in the agriculture, aquaculture and industries for warning barrier fence, oyster netting and garden netting.

  • Clam netting with black or natural colors is widely used in the clam bed to protect the clam bed from predators.

  • Bird netting with knotted, knitted and extruded types is widely used in the gardens, vineyards to prevent birds from eating the mature fruits.


There are many different types of deer fencing, plastic deer fence is the relatively perfect type through the comparison. You can see the details in here.

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